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Many people are fascinated by the lives of celebrities. Many people are inspired by their actions and clothing. The same is true for watches. The demand for watches increases when celebrities wear a particular watch. The social media plays an important role here. They can follow their favorite stars on these channels, and receive updates and photos about their lives several times per day. Brands want their brand ambassadors wearing their watches.

David Beckham is Tudor's ambassador, as well as Lady Gaga.Blancpain Replica Beckham has been working with Tudor for the past year and launched "Born To Dare", a campaign. He was ambassador for Breitling from 2012 until then. Lady Gaga joined the Tudor team in 2017, becoming its first female ambassador.

Daniel Craig is Omega. Daniel Craig has worn Omega watches throughout his Bond career.

Blancpain Replica and Rafael Nadal work together. Nadal has been the name of four models. All four watches feature a tourbillon. A tourbillon is a complex, delicate and fragile complication. Blancpain Replica made these watches super-light and shock resistant up to 10,000G. Nadal wears them during his matches.Rolex Daytona Replica The lightest version, the RM27-01, only weighs 18.83 grams. That's with the strap included!

John Mayer loves watches. Seen from the outside, his collection is worth millions. He is a watch collector who has a passion for vintage and new watches. He appeared on Hodinkee’s “Talking Watches” where he showed a small portion of his collection. He prefers exclusive and rare watches.